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ESL Citizenship

Community Outreach and Education


COURSE DATES:  January 18 – May 14   


MEETING DAYS AND TIMES: Monday/Wednesday 6:00pm – 9:00pm

OFFICE HOURS: Friday 2:00pm or other times on request

COURSE OBJECTIVES                   

Students will:

  1. Develop proficiency in the English language in areas of reading, speaking, listening, and writing.     
  2. Create and develop students’ career and academic pathways.
  3. Understand all steps necessary to fulfill Naturalization requirements.
  4. Respond verbally to all naturalization interview questions.
  5. Respond correctly to answers on the civics exam at 94% competency.


No required textbook


  1. We will communicate through the WorkReady app.
  2. I am also available through email:
  3. I will have office hours on Friday at 3:00pm, but I am happy to meet you at other times.
  4. I will try to response to emails within 24 hours. If you do not hear from me in 48 hours, then please email me again.

COMMUNITY AGREEMENTS                                      

  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
  • Supporting and encourage each other with assignments and creating a place where learning is easy.
  • Expect that we will have different thoughts and life experiences and on one person is right.                      
  • Concern for the well-being of everyone in class.
  • Respecting our time together.                                                   
  • Focusing on everyone’s strengths rather than weaknesses.


Class Page

  1. Most of our work will be on our Google Sites page: ESL Citizenship.
  2. Each day’s lesson will be there under Lessons.
  3. This syllabus is also on the site under Syllabus.
  4. Videos of class will be posted SharePoint.                                                                


  1. Each day we will start with a short check-in to see how everyone is doing.
  2. Next, we will review the questions from the test that we learned from our last class.  
  3. We will then have a new lesson.
  4. Following that we will work on partner and group projects.
  5. At the end of class we will do a quick review of what we learned from that class.
  6. This structure may be slightly different each class but will often follow this outline.


  1. Presentations – Over the semester you will do several presentations. Most of these will be in a group, but you can choose to work with a partner or on your own. Besides your first group presentation, you will be able to choose your topics from the topics on the citizenship test.
  2. Vocabulary – We will be doing a lot of work with vocabulary. Some work will be on Quizlet and some will be on Google quizzes. You can use Quizlet outside of class to practice on your own.
  3. Practice Interview and Tests – We will also work a lot on practice with the citizenship test and with interviewing.


  1. Attendance- Attendance will be taken daily, and time in zoom class will count toward your testing hours. If you miss a class, hours toward testing can be made up by watching a video of class. Please contact me for make-up classes.
  2. Goal Sheet and Citizenship Checklist – Students and teacher will fill out and continuously update one goal sheet and one citizenship checklist during semester.
  3. CASAS – Students will take the CASAS Post-Assessment.


Completion of all the classroom requirements including goal sheet, attendance and participation requirements.


In this class we value everyone regardless of age, physical ability, sexual orientation, gender identity, language ability, religion, race or ethnicity.


Oklahoma City Community College sits of the traditional lands of the Kiikaapoi (Kickapoo) nation.

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